Are you ready to ditch your reliance on delivery marketplaces?

You might be a small business owner who thinks it's too much to run your own marketing campaigns, have your own drivers, and run extra operations – with Basketdrop all you need is a unique access code to allow goods to be delivered at no cost with zero commission. Aggregators usually take up to 30% commission from every order through their platform. We charge small businesses £120 per year to access our product and help protect our subscription customers. All our units can be accessed 24hrs a day and customers do not have to be home. Customers without a subscription can use our product however they want. 

You don't need to immediately turn off all your marketplaces and stop orders coming in. Our goal at Basketdrop is to help you take as many orders through your own website or app as possible. As you take more and more orders in-house, you reduce your dependency on marketplace platforms. One of the main reasons to take orders directly is to own your customer data. Why? So that you can build long-term relationships with your customers.

Ready to take back control and get off the marketplaces for good?

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