Our Mission

Our mission is to be at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and produce the most innovative products that can be used by the vast majority of people around the world.

Our Story

Basketdrop started as a single product in 2018 providing solutions for local businesses with their logistical efforts. This vision is still there and Basketdrop as a single product is well and truly underway. Nevertheless, since then, we have grown beyond our one product line and now encompass a multitude of products that range from IoT devices, Quantum Computing Research and Agri-Tech products. We liked the name so much we decided to keep it to represent the company as a whole.

Our team comes with over 7 years of managerial experience and a wide range of skills in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Accounting, Law, Business, Architecture & Food Science. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by truly building our own unique products that are new to the market. Our focus is on producing hardware and software products globally. Our business model is both SaaS & Direct Sales for B2B & B2C customers. Our main approach is to respond to the challenges of the modern economy. We are very ambitious but equally passionate. We don’t feel the need to rush our work because we want to produce products that are low cost and benefit everyone. That is why our hardware and software services around agri-tech, for example, are focused on producing low-cost machinery for Agri-businesses such as hydroponics, smart food processing plants, robotics & mechatronics for Agriculture as well as precision smart farming, soil science, and satellite farming. All this is compounded by our research in Quantum Computing and our work in Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms.