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Our Mission

Revolutionise logistics by providing a droppoint to every home

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Our Story

We founded Basketdrop so that we could help revolutionise logistics. Our goals, ambitions, and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that we are proud of. 


Since our founding in 2018, we have been developing a unique hardware product that will help revolutionise logistics by using graphene battery technology and advanced materials to help promote clean transport and sustainability. This means: 

Zero Plastic 

Zero Packaging

Zero Returns

Zero Food Waste

Zero Logistics

Our Core Values

Lead, Think, Communicate, Work, Design

1. Lead – This means showing leadership with your team and leaving no one behind. Meaning, you don’t achieve things in life by going it alone, you have to lead and work as a team.


2. Think – This means always start by asking the simplest question before you move on to more complicated questions.


3. Communicate – This means recognizing that your message will always mean or sound different depending on your audience. So make sure you always have another way of communicating your ideas to get your points across.


4. Work – This means always being ready to pivot your work or schedule. Circumstances change all the time at work. Covid-19 is a good example of why this mindset will help you overcome any challenges you may face in your life.

5. Design  – This means working with passion. Remember, this is your journey and you are here to better yourself and demonstrate your potential. So, If you don’t like your work, re-do it until you get it right. Just be mindful of your team at the same time.

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