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BasketDrop Agritech Research Institute - BARI©  

Our Agritech research is mainly focused on Agrivoltaics and Aeroponics. Achieving a good interaction between solar energy and agriculture is a bit more complicated as solar panels in a field will necessarily cast a shadow. This can be beneficial for some crops, but not for others.


In order to create the best possible growing conditions, we might use sensors in the field that communicate with computers that in turn control the panels and ensure that the crops' need for light is met in different phases of growth.


This requires a unique approach. If Agrivoltaic production is to work, solar farms must be designed so that machines can be used. This requires that there must be a certain distance between the solar panel arrays, or that they must be placed high above the ground that the machines can run underneath.


To gain more knowledge about the impact of Agrivoltaics on crops and investigate the main agronomic aspects, Basketdrop will be collaborating with universities and other actors interested in renewable technologies.

Solar Panel

Microgrids for Rural Areas

Basketdrop is investing in microgrids as the overall electrification rate in rural areas is around 64.5%. About 35.5% of the global south still live without any access to electricity.


In remote and semi-remote rural environments, microgrids are intrinsically multi-energy, linking electricity generation and consumption with other energy vectors, such as heat and gas.


However, taking full advantage of the microgrid value chain requires a diversified energy infrastructure and coordination between multiple energy vectors. Ultimately, multi-energy microgrids are complex energy systems that tie together electrical, heating, and cooling energy flows, and this complexity introduces significant challenges to the investment and planning of rural microgrids.


If we can get more multi-stake actors involved, we can help reduce inequality and help build resilient infrastructure globally.

Solar Panels in Mountains
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