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Lettuce-Farming Robots

Additive Manufacturing

Although “3-D Printing” remains the most popular synonym for all Additive Manufacturing processes, there are individual processes that vary in their method of layer manufacturing.


Our manufacturing methods utilise Material jetting, where the material is jetted onto the build surface or platform, where it solidifies and the model is built layer by layer. Another method we use in our manufacturing involves the binder jetting process. It uses two materials; a powder-based material and a binder. The binder acts as an adhesive between powder layers. After each layer, the object being printed is lowered on its build platform.


This also includes sheet lamination processes including ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) and laminated object manufacturing (LOM). Our Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing process uses sheets or ribbons of metal, which are bound together using ultrasonic welding.

Lastly, we use Directed Energy Deposition (DED). It is a more complex printing process commonly used to repair or add additional material to existing components

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